Anti-Ageing Treatment


As we age our skin tends to show changes as well. It loses its elasticity causing lines , wrinkles and folds.Athreadlift procedure uses dissolvable threads in your skin to give you a tighter , youthful and firmer skin.

What is a PDO threadlift?

It is a minimally invasive procedure wherein we insert PDO threads that are later absorbed for a tighter skin. Its for those patients with mild to moderate sagging and who doesn't want to go for surgery.

How does PDO threadlift work?

It is called a lunchtime lift as it takes 45 mins to an hour after the numbing. A numbing cream is applied for 30-45 mins prior. Then the procedure is started. The patient is good to go to work post it.

How long does the result last?

The threadlift results lasts from anywhere between 1.5-3 years. The collagen synthesis takes about few weeks to start and the results build up over time.


How does PDO threadlift work?

PDO threads are biodegradable, dissolvable threads which when placed in your skin triggers the fibroblasts to produce more collagen. Collagen gives structure and elasticity to your skin thus youthful skin.

What are the indications for threadlift?

Lose sagging skin in mild to moderate degree
Drooping eyebrows
Nasolabial folds

Is it a safe procedure?

Yes, it's a safe procedure with minimum downtime.

What are the changes seen after threadlift?

Improves the skin texture
Tighter and firmer skin
Reduce appearance of jowls and nasolabial fold