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Skin is the largest organ of the body. It contains millions of pores, even if most of them are not visible to the human eye. All of these pores are open, allowing the skin to "breathe". Each pore contains a hair follicle. Each pore also contains sebaceous (oil) glands that make an oil called sebum.

Where are the seen?

Open pores are seen in your oil producing areas of face like nose, forehead, cheeks, chest .If these pores are clogged with dirt or dead skin cells they give the appearance of dullness.

Clinical Result


Is it of concern?

Open pores can be of a cosmetic issue for some people who do not like the way their skin looks.People who are prone to acne, open pores may become clogged, turning into blackheads or whiteheads. Aging skin containing less collagen may also take on the appearance of having larger, open pores, which might also cause concern.

Can open pores be closed?

Pores cannot be opened or closed.We can only make them less visible, or slightly minimize them by various procedures.Here at SKIN AVENUES, Dr. Shraddha has designed a signature Botox Facial treatment for open pores to minimize them.

Causes of large-looking open pores?

High levels of oil (sebum) production
Reduced elasticity around pores
Thick hair follicles
Genetics or heredity
Reduction of collagen production in skin, caused by aging
Sun damage or overexposure to the sun

Treatment to reduce the appearance?

You can't get rid of open pores, nor would you want to. You can, however, reduce their look and improve your skin's appearance.
Chemical peels- They help by unclogging the pores and exfoliation of the topmost layer.AHA AND BHA peels help

Laser treatments

They work by rejuvenating collagen production and may be most effective for large pores caused by aging or sun damage. They may also be effective at reducing acne scars.Laser peel with CO2 laser helps by stimulating collagen

Botox Facial- this treatment a USP of SKIN AVENUES CLINIC, KHARADI intends on minimizing the pores, rejuvenates and hydrates the skin to give glow and a dewy look.Its a quick 20-30 mins treatment and the result lasts for almost 3 months. It's a minimally invasive, safe treatment with great results.