Skin Treatment


What is Medi-Facial?

Medicated facials or medi-facials are specially designed for each of you depending on your skin needs. These are done by medical professionals only at a clinic.It works in a better way as it targets the concerns of your skin.In this various serums, vitamins and peels are used.

What are the indications?

Skin rejuvenation Ageing skin Open pores Fine lines and wrinkles Dullness and pigmentation Hydration Skin brightening

What are the various medi-facials available?

SKIN AVENUES CLINIC, KHARADI, PUNE offers you 2 kinds of medi-facials which are the best available.Hydrafacial, Laser peel and oxygeneo works according to your needs giving instant results.

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What is hydrafacial?

This facial as the name suggests works on hydration as water is involved during exfoliation. Thus, it doesn't make the skin dry.Exfoliation with hydration is the key to a brighter looking skin.Steps involved are cleansing using a jet spray with vitamins, exfoliation with hydra dermabrasion, a peel depending on the indication, and a separate RF tightening for aged skin followed by a mask.

What is Laser Peel Facial?

Laser peel facial is a great tool to erase the irregularities of skin and help in skin resurfacing. As laser helps in removing the top layer of skin, the surface imperfections like pigmentation, scars, fine lines and wrinkles are better managed.Lasers are helpful for remodeling collagen.Due to the heat factor there is collagen degradation and synthesis,thus resulting in tighter skin and brighter one..

What is oxygeneo facial?

This facial infuses oxygen in your skin, it promotes your skin to produce more oxygen thus radiance. In this your skin is exfoliated with a special catridge it is then followed by a tripolar RF to target fine lines.mask is then applied.

How long does it take for a medi-facial?

Medi-facial usually takes around 45 mins to anhour.Its not like your usual facial but a completely medicated one where machines and serums and medicated products are used.