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Dark circles under the eyes

Dark circles under the lower eyelids are common in men and women. Often accompanied by bags, dark circles can make you appear older than you are. To make matters worse, they can be difficult to get rid of. While fatigue may seem like the most logical explanation for this condition, there are a number of factors that can contribute to dark circles under the eyes.

Clinical Result



There are a number of contributing factors for dark circles. Some common causes of include:
Eye strain
Sun overexposure

Medical Treatments

There are some procedures that we can do here at Skin Avenues Clinic, Kharadi, Pune to improve your melasma.

chemical peels to reduce pigmentation, mild eye peels paced at weekly or 10 day interval for 6-8 sessions helps in reducing the pigmentation.It is a safe treatment with no downtime.Certain topical creams can help for maintenance.
laser surgery to resurface the skin and enhance skin tightening(blepharoplasty)
Dermapen with chemical peels- This combination treatment at skin avenues clinic ,kharadi gives the best results in all minimally invasive procedures.It combines microneedling with various serums for lightening followed by peels.Microneedling also helps in boosting collagen synthesis thus reduces fines lines and wrinkles.It needs 6-8 sessions placed at 15 days interval.No downtime.
Tear trough Fillers to fill the trough beneath to conceal blood vessels and melanin that are causing skin discoloration beneath your eyes.