Anti-Ageing Treatment


As we age, we tend to loose volume in certain areas of face. As a result the skin sags and once taut face now gets saggy and undefined. Here comes the role of jawline fillers.

How is the procedure done?

At SKIN AVENUES CLINIC, PUNE we use juvederm fillers for correction. Firstly an anesthetic cream is applied 30 mins prior to the procedure. The filler also has inbuilt lidocaine in it for better patients comfort. Entire procedure takes around 15-20 mins.

Clinical Result

How long does the result last?

Since the fillers are hyaluronic acid, it tends to get metabolized in our body. The result may last for 12-15 months after which we need to do a repeat session.


Who are the candidates for jawline fillers?

Ageing structure
Soft ill-defined jawline
For volume loss in lower face
For jowl correction
To give an oval looking face
To give a sharper appearance

Is it safe?

Yes, it is a completely safe procedure.We use US-FDA approved products only. And it is almost painless, thanks to the inbuilt lidocaine and numbing cream.

What to expect after a jaw filler procedure?

The jawline definition is definitely improved.It gives you a more sculpted jaw. It helps in taking care of the jowl area. In males it provides support and strength to the lower face for a masculine look.