Anti-Ageing Treatment


What are fillers for cheek and chin?

Fillers are nothing but hyaluronic acid injections to plump up a particular area or enhance and shape it. When we use fillers in cheeks it is mainly for restoring the lost volume, for augmentation. And when we do it for chin it is mainly to elongate a small chin, to give proportion to the lower face.

Clinical Result

When are the results seen?

The results are seen immediately after the procedure and it builds up a little after a week.

How long does the results stay?

Fillers results stay for 11 months to 15 months. Then they are metabolized in the body, so you need to repeat the procedure.


What are the indications for cheek and chin filler?

Enhancement of cheekbone contures
Cheek augmentation for flat cheeks
Cheek augmentation in volume loss(ageing)
Small chin
Creating a jawline with the chin

How is the procedure performed?

An anaesthetic cream is applied prior to the procedure for 30 mins. Since it’s a non-surgical procedure it hardly takes 15-20 mins to give your cheeks and chin a makeover.Injections are placed wherever necessary and moulded. The injections also have an inbuilt lidocaine in it to numb it further for better patients comfort.

Is it a safe procedure?

Yes, it's a completely safe procedure. As it is a protein injection which is normally present in your body, the chances of any side effects are minimal to zero. We use allerganjuvederm products which are US-FDA APPROVED.