Skin Treatment


Every girl dreams of the big day when she will marry the man of her dreams and live happily ever after. Everything needs to be a perfect, a perfect wedding, perfect location, and an amazingly beautiful bride & handsome groom.Lifestyle with a lot of stress is affecting most of us including our very own Brides and grooms.Problems such as acne, dark circles, pigmentation , body pigmentation, scars etc are faced by a lot of people.There is this constant need and want to look beautiful and flawless atleast on this special day.To give you and your face a complete makeover we at SKIN AVENUES, PUNE have designed a customized BRIDAL SKINCARE TREATMENT packages.

Full Body Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair reduction will be helpful for brides who have a good 5-6 months before the wedding. Now you can flaunt your back and a smooth hairfree face on the special day of yours.It helps in giving you a satin skin without the unwanted hair. Check the link below for details of LASER HAIR REDUCTION. LINK OF LHR PAGE

Full Face and Body Brightening Chemical Peel

Many a times we have certain areas of body which are a little more pigmented than rest. For a bride, these areas can be a little troublesome.So we have a wide variety of chemical peels like glycolic and tca peels for body to lighten and brighten the skin tone.For the face we can do a lactic peel combined with Microdermabrasion for better results. A few session will give you a smoother and softer skin. Check the link below for details of CHEMICAL PEELS LINK OF CHEMICAL PEELS

Clinical Result



Platelet Rich Plasma is the ultimate in skin repair and rejuvenation. PRP therapy uses your own body's repair mechanism to lighten spots, repair acne scars, reverse pigmentation and reduce dark circles.This facial works wonders for open pores, fine lines ,dullness.

Under Eye Treatment

Now under eye dark circles is something that can make you look tired even after waking up in the morning.The pigmentation under your eyes makes you look haggard and takes away the glow of your face as well.To address this issue Dr. ShraddhaSamant at SKIN AVENUES CLINIC,PUNE has designed a customized approach of dermapen with prp / botox to target your pigmentation and fine lines at the same time.Chemical peels helps in reducing pigmentation. Under eye fillers helps in reducing the trough under the eyes thus reducing the shadowing .Hollowness is thus targeted.

Lip Fillers

The first thing that is noticed when we talk are LIPS. Lips improves the face value of your smile. Good full lips can make you look sensous and alluring .A hyaluronic acid lip filler can give you moisturized and pink lips.Also a Lip Filler Treatment for augmentation can give you fuller lips with lip definition.

Slimming and Contouring the Face

We may have a beautiful face but maybe we are lacking the definition needed to make it sharp.Dermal Fillers like Juvederm (Here at SKIN AVENUES CLINIC we use Allergan products which are the best ) placed at the high cheek bones, temples and chin can give you an amazingly sculpted face. These procedures makes a bulky face slimmed down, gives you jaw definition, model look with high cheeks bones.

Medi Facials for the Brides

Medi- Facials are the medicated facials for the extra glow and treatment. This is a different experience altogether wherein we add various serums and peels designed specially for you. Hydrafacial and oxygeneofacial ,botox facial are wonderful when it comes to achieving targeted outcome and giving you a brighter complexion. You need to look special on your day and we will make you look it.

Eyebrow lifting for Brides

Many a times the brides need a little lifting of the brows, and an extra shine on the forehead.At SKIN AVENUES, Dr. Shraddha has a wonderful pre wedding botox plan for that needed extra shine and lift.