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Botox Facial Treatment In Pune

What is Botox Facial for open pores?

Large pores, oily skin and acne are an absolute nightmare to deal with, and they are also one of the most difficult skin conditions to treat.Patients are always seeking treatment options for shiny oily skin.Thats where BOTOX FACIAL STEPS IN. The Botox facial uses a small amount of Botox, diluted into a solution, and applied topically to the face with the help of a micro-needling pen or a device.

How is it performed?

The Botox isn’t injected, so you won’t get the same "wrinkle-smoothing" effect of Botox injections. You also need far fewer units than with a regular Botox injection treatment.Here at SKIN AVENUES CLINIC we also add a few serums so that this cocktails works in a better fashion.The serums can be customized from patient to patient

Clinical Result


What are the indications for a botox facial?

The treatment works by targeting the sweat and oil glands in the skin as well as the erector pili muscles, which are responsible for opening the pores. By targeting these muscles and glands, your skin will look tighter, smoother, and less shiny.It gives a very nice rejuvenation and a sort of glass skin by shrinking the pores.

What to expect?

The Results last for 3-4 months, and you will see the results 7-10 days post-procedure-just as with conventional Botox treatments. The treatment is easy, and doesn't require numbing. You won't have down time – just a little surface redness. You can repeat the treatment for increased efficacy.Because we also use the micro needling device, you get the amazing benefits of a micro-needling procedure (such as smoother, more even skin).
It is also termed as Meso-botox or Micro Botox, the only difference is that these are injections,