Anti-Ageing Treatment


What is BOTOX?

Botox is actually a protein, which when injected in the muscle relaxes it and gives a wrinkle free smooth skin. Its an anti-ageing treatment with quick and satisfying results.

When do you consider doing Botox?

Botox is done when you have expressions lines on forehead, frown area and around your is also done to slim down your face if you have a broad face.Also it gives glow and shine when injected in micro amounts or with dermapen.

Clinical Result

How is it performed?

It's a quick lunchtime procedure to address all your worry lines. Hardly takes 10 mins. An ice pack is given numb the area slightly and then the injections are placed.

What do you expect after botox?

Results are seen only after 4 days and they peak around 7-10 days.Results normally stay for a good 4-6 months. In some patients it can extend to 6-8 months as well.So you expect a younger you. It erases your wrinkles and makes you look atleast 10years younger.


What are the indications?

Botox injections are given in the following indications
Forehead lines
Frown lines
Crows feet that is the lines around the eyes
Masseter for broad face
Neck lines
Mesobotox for glow
Botox facial for open pores
Eyebrow lifting

Is it a safe procedure?

Yes. It's a completely safe procedure if done by a certified professional.At SKIN AVENUES CLINIC, KHARADI, Dr. Shraddha performs the botox treatment with beautiful results.

When to repeat the procedure?

Botox procedures are repeated every 6 monthly.We do botox for brides as well as a 1 time quick eyebrow lift.