Washing your face is easy but people dont know exactly how it should be done to throughly clean your face without hampering it.It is an art which needs few basic and simple steps.
Wrinkles, tired looks and sagging skin are all signs of ageing.Why to look old and lose confidence when you can tackle the issues with injectables.botox treatment in pune
Acne is a serious problem for teenagers as well as adults.It shakes our confidence and makes us lose hope if it is not treated in time.Acne can be of various grades -comedones(black and white heads), papular, pus filled acne, cystic deep seated acne ,nodular acne.
Frizzy hair is a problem most of us face in day to day life, especially in monsoons. Causes of the frizz can be dry hair, increaase in humidity around, alcohol based haircare products, dry heat treatments.
I can find innumerable people complaining about the tired and sad look.Now, most of the times its the eye area which can make you look sad and tired.The pigmentation around eyes, hollowness, wrinkling of the skin underneath, etc can give the impression of being tired all the time. Have a look at the video to know and understand the causes and treatment modalities for the same. Skin Avenues Clinic brings you the various strategies and helps you in knowing the concept behind it.
Choosing the right skincare mask is a confusing thing as there are hundreds of masks available these days.But we have to choose the correct mask for the desired actions according to your skin type.Its pretty easy to check the various ingredients and by knowing your skin type you can achieve the best results with the masks. To know more ,watch the video.
Acne Scars leaves a dent in your skin and your self confidence too. With proper treatment modalities you can help them improve in appearance. There are various kinds of acne scars- Atrophic and Hypertrophic. In atrophic again you have, icepick, rolling, boxcar scars. Treatment depends on the kind of scar. Various treatments help in generating collagen thus lifting the depressed scars and making them even with your skin.
Botulinum Toxin, well known as Botox, is an anti-ageing treatment used for the wrinkles and lines on your upper fac Botox-Facial helps in taking care of pores to some extent and helps in giving you a wonderful glow. Watch the video to know about the results and tecnique. Botox wil definitely make you look younger and fresher.
Getting a Glowing Skin is easy if you follow a great diet and a religious skincare routine.Lifestyle, Diet plays a very important role.What you eat is reflected on your skin.A super healthy diet rich in anti-oxidants plays an important role
Teenage acne is something which makes the parent stressed and worried.There are reasons like hormonal, stress during exams, cosmetic usage which causes acne in teens.At this age kids want to look good, acne causes loss of confidence. Medications at right time will help in reducing acne and its complications like pigmentation and scars. Topical medications like benzoyl peroxide, azelaic acid, retinoids etc help in taking care of it.
Medi-Facials What is a Medifacial? How is it different from a salon facial? Is it better? Get answers to all your questions in this video. Medifacial is nothing but a medicated, result oriented, tailor made facial for your skin. For a glamorous and rejuvenated skin a medifacial once a month works wonders. Hydrafacial, oxyfacial, Botox facial, laser facial, carbon peel are a few types. Men and women both can avail it for a rejuvenated and pampered glow.
Hydrafacial Hydrafacial is a very result oriented medifacial for dull dry skin, ageing Skin, For black heads. It's a once a month facial where in various probes are used along with vitamin serums and peels. It is a 45min to an hour procedure leaving you with a great, hydrated skin at the end of the session. Check out our earlier video on medifacial giving you an insight on the same. link given below
Anti-Oxidants Antioxidants are in rage these days due to the pandemic. People want to pop capsules to increase immunity. I would recommend having it in d natural forms as much as possible. It not only improves your immune system but also improves skin and hair.It has some great results on skin. Radiance, rejuvenation, glow, these are a few to name. Supplements can be started for the same under doctors supervision. But natural forms everybody should start if not started already.
Vitamin C preparations works great on the skin. BUT you need to use the correct percentage and also the correct method. Any kind of vitamin preparations should be used only in the night. A vigilant suncare should be followed the next morning. There are various other formulations where it is used in combination with other compounds. Hyaluronic Acid or ferrulic acid are a few. Consult your doctor to know which preparation can b used.
Bridal Skincare Routine A series of videos to take you through the various regimens in your skincare before your wedding. Subscribe to our channel to know more SkinAvenues clinic. #bridalskincare#bridalskin#skinclinicpune#bridalpackages#antiageing#botox
Bridal Skincare Diaries This video entirely is about the sequence of layering the products before your Make-Up. Its very important that certain steps are followed in a particular way so that it works the way it has to and also enhancing the effects of each other. Brides particularly have a lot of events for which they need to wear make up, so please watch the video to know d steps. you can also watch the other videos in this Bridal series.
Skin Icing Skin Icing is the latest trend happening around when it comes to skin. Ice has been really good for the skin in many ways .In this video we have shown the various benefits ice can offer your skin. It boosts your circulation, helps in reducing acne, gives added glow, rejuvenates your skin, makes skin smoother, reduces puffy eyes, minimizes pores. Once a day it can be done for a glowing skin.